Covid-19 has changed how members need care

Engagement programs need to keep up

With contagion concerns for members who are at-risk, isolated, and vulnerable and COVID utilization impact estimates predicting RAF drops of 6-8%, plans must find safe and effective ways of assessing risk & delivering care.

VPC Features

A complete solution to socially distanced risk adjustment

Telehealth Platform

Our easy-to-use, secure, web-based telehealth technology integrates with our HIPAA-compliant Health Assessment platform to inform risk adjustment and quality improvement initiatives.


Certified coders to QA charts precluding the encounter helping with an increase in risk documentation accuracy


Weekly refreshed reports of completed encounters, scheduling, coding, member experience results, and CM referrals

Provider Network

We have a national network of credentialed clinicians experienced in engaging Medicare and commercial populations and approved to deliver telehealth services.


Proprietary analytical support to help capture historical and current conditions

Member Experience

Proprietary analytical support to help capture historical and current conditions

Driving Quality

Screening and Testing

Ability to close all quality screening both virtually and in-home encounters.


Health Risk Assessment capture and discuss all HOS issues with member to help coordinate care.


High touch customer service and user experience to drive satisfaction and data capturing of pre CAHPS survey.

Long Term Chronic Care

Ability to close any open chronic care gaps either in-person or virtually through mailing out lab testing

Virtual Wellness Visits

VPC Health’s providers support your members anytime, anywhere.

  • Conduct virtual wellness visits that mimic a home health assessment
  • Check in on your at-risk members, safely and securely
  • Capture vital current chronic conditions for purposes of risk adjustment
  • Help close specific HEDIS gaps for member compliance during low primary care utilization periods
  • Ensure that your members are getting the care they need
  • Capture vital Pre-CAHPS actionable data on population